"Sketches" for Two Weeks of Spring

by pachyderm



This track contains the original acoustic demos for the pachyderm album 'Two Weeks of Spring'


Tom Jarvis:

This is where it starts, Havana, Cuba, December 2013 … bored, sat at a kitchen table waiting for the Jackal to arrive to fix a broken toilet in the apartment my wife Annie and I were renting off him, listening to the beat outside on the crossroads of Jesus Maria and Habana - boom-cha-boom-cha, boom-cha-boom-cha - a rhythm powered by car batteries and pedals- boom-cha-boom-cha, boom-cha-boom-cha - that slowly fades away in one direction before coming back again from another - boom-cha-boom-cha, boom-cha-boom-cha - a constant pulse that pumps the blood …

… the front door was slid open onto a street illuminated by the type of moon Chuck Berry sung about - yellow, low and large, like a fat ass sat in the sand … a dog was barking somewhere up in an alleyway nearby and the public phone on the corner kept ringing until it was cut off by a voice screaming dime …

Then the songs arrived. A procession of ghosts entered through the door drunk on rum and exited late in the night through the windows but now as melodies and rhythms …

I rewound my cassette player and listened back to the music I had recorded. OK, here we go, I thought, and then I finished my drink.


released September 25, 2014

Recorded in Havana on a Sony Microcassette-corder M-560V with a Prima acoustic guitar.

December 2013-January 2014.

MAKING OF: TWO WEEKS OF SPRING' - twoweeksofspring.tumblr.com



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pachyderm Montreal, Québec

pachyderm is a rare alliance between an Englishman and a Frenchman – Tom Jarvis (guitars/vocals/keyboards/bass) and Nico Braesch (drums/percussion/vocals)

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